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  •  American Standard Commercial Gas Water heaters are now in stock.  Price $2,900.00

    D-100-199-AS FEATURES

    100 Gallon and 199,900 BTU

    Heavy Gauge Steel Tank – incorporating fewer internal flue tubes resulting in fewer critical welds to yield added years of trouble-free service.

    Inner Tank Glass-Lined – with Dura-Glas™ and fired at 1600° F for optimum protection from the effects of corrosion. R-8.3 Non-CFC Foam

    Insulated – to save energy and reduce fuel costs by maximizing heat retention.

    Four Anode Rods – to ensure maximum tank life.

    Self-Cleaning Turbulence Inducing Cold Water Inlet-Tube – engineered to diminish hard water area sediment deposits.

    Full Sized Hand-Hole Cleanout – for eased tank inspection and/or removal of sediment deposits.

    Electronic Direct-Spark Ignition System – saves fuel by eliminating the need for a standby gas pilot.

    Automatic Motorized Flue Damper – reduces tank heat loss during standby periods for lowest operating costs.

    Fully Adjustable 24-Volt Controls – provide temperature settings to 180° F. 

    When installed with a mixing valve, the D-100-199-AS can deliver 180° F sanitizing & 140° F general purpose hot water simultaneously.

    Top 1 1⁄2", 2" Rear & 2" Front Water Connections – for universal replacements, connection to circulating lines and eased multiple heater or storage tank installations.

    AMERICAN STANDARD Gas Water Heaters – are certificated at 300 PSI test pressure and for 150 PSI working pressure. All tanks are hydrostatically tested at the factory. Tested & Listed with CSA International – in accordance with ANSIZ21.10.3 -CSA 4.3 for up to 180° F automatic circulating tank heater.

    ASHRAE Standard 90.11999 addendum 90.1b.CSA certified to meet NSF/ANSI5 Standards.

    Three Year Limited Warranty – on inner glass-lined tank and one year limited warranty on all other component parts.


    American Standard Commercial Gas Water heaters are now in stock.  Price $2,900.00